Damascus, Inc is a non-profit 501c3 organization dedicated to assisting men with individual plans for treating the cause of their problems and addictions. This facility will be a 24 hour, professionally staffed residential recovery program offering sanctuary to men seeking a new road in life.

As a jail is a house of correction, Damascus will be a house of change and new direction.

Inmates entering the Damascus program begin with a phase-one training and by demonstrating progress will move forward into more advanced, successful phases of the rehabilitation process.

Intake Application Procedures And Packet Information

The staff responsible for the application process, intake interview, gathering of medical and other pertinent information regarding the applicant and follow up check-ins, is regarded as the intake staff.

When a man calls about entering the Damascus, Inc. program, an application packet is sent to him. Included in the application packet is:

  1. Application for Acceptance (part 1)
  2. First 30 day commitment agreement
  3. The 9 month commitment agreement
  4. Short Version of Rules

We request that the man calls for further instruction and to set up a telephone interview after he has sent in the first part of his application. He is responsible for calling at the time set for his phone interview. Making him responsible for his appointments helps us to see if he is serious about allowing God to change his life. Once the phone interview has been completed then part two of the application is sent.