One of our goals for 2013 is to improve the communication with our – Damascus - interested community. To that end a measurable step is to increase the production of this brief newsletter to share monthly events and items of interest with you all.

If you notice the picture, we have been donated a used trailer for the storage of those donation we gather on ‘yard sale’ weekends and for those tems that come to us in a variety of ways. Clayton Hayes has creatively used software to create a vision of how we may finish the outside of the trailer when weather permits.

It will become a major point of signage for the Heaven Cent thrift store! We have shared that during the last couple of months, while the number of yard sales have been slowed by less than favorable weather, Heaven Cent still has a good number of visitors every Saturday, and folks will often bring items they no longer need – and HE uses Damascus and Heaven Cent to find new homes/uses for those donated objects.

Our trailer was donated by the management of Hexpol – Excel Polymers and we want to thank Jimmy Larson and his staff for the cleanup of the trailer. We would also like to mention that some of the inmates that come and assist on Saturdays, have painted the inside of the trailer and that during the last 2 weeks or so, Barry Moody and some of his staff laid down new floor wood finishing – we are EXTREMELY thankful that now we have enlarged, dry, capacity to store those items that are donated.

After several conversations and extended prayer focus, we have set a date of the April 1, 2013 to have in place a beginning program – daycare, if you will, for selected inmates to begin the ‘Damascus Road to renewal and restoration of spirit filled and productive lives’. This may only be two days per week – but we must move forward.

We believe that if Damascus is to make an impact in Dyersburg and Dyer County, God will have to bring alongside those community individuals who would be able to assist the mission in ways other than funding, which is always a need.

With that in mind, please look over the following list of needs to see if you have some talents that you might be willing to invest in this ministry. Our individual lives have pointed out that HE provides the time, if we are willing to be used.

Heaven Cent Thrift Store

  • Cashier
  • Merchandising Items
  • Processing Donations
  • Preparing Items for resale-pricing
  • Facility Repairs – minor
  • Yard Sale Pickups on Saturdays
  • Minor bookkeeping

Coordinating use of space eBay Selling

As seller: damascusdc

We have many donated items that have more potential than just for a yard sale and we have had a fair success at selling on eBay. We need someone with internet connections to post items for Damascus. Clayton Hayes has/does the pictures, but the posting takes time we all do not have. Clayton will train to do this as an investment in opening this to more potential sales.


  • Writing skills to assisting with ‘The Journal’
  • Developing and management of Interested parties/donors information
  • Phone calls
  • Neighborhood development for the Rogers property location
  • Signage for various locations/projects
  • Coordinating Printing needs


Damascus would like to open the door on additional fundraising activities of the neighborhood variety: fish fries, bean suppers, car washes for donations, etc. These take some thought and a little management if anyone is interested.

Program Development - Implementation

  • Teachers for life skills courses
  • Bible study – application classes
  • Program documentation/reporting
  • Financial bookkeeping – coordination
  • Inmate supervision; projects – classes
  • Cooking/preparing lunches for program participants when we startup
  • Volunteer Training

Rogers Property management

  • Mowers – we need to mow at least 1 per every 3 weeks to avoid the city’s fine for not maintaining a property.
  • We need some folks to look at developing relations within the neighborhood around the property so as to be able to locate Damascus, facilities and programs there in the future.

Program Donations

Outstanding items that we are always on the lookout for and remain on our prayer list center around:

  1. a used truck with a back seat that would allow the moving of inmates around to help with the different tasks that are currently part of Damascus and to help expand our services;
  2. a 16’ trailer that we could use to move tractors and/or mowers, etc. to the Rogers property and back;
  3. a small tractor (min 25HP) and PTO driven ‘bush hog’ to mow the property with.

Please add these requests to your prayer list for Damascus – with your help in 2013 we will be able to assist some men to reestablish a spirit filled productive life.

As always, please come to our Thursday night meeting at Heaven Cent on Hwy 51S and explore where HE might use you in reaching this population of men and their families.

Our contact information:
Damascus Inc.
P. O. Box 352
Dyersburg, TN 38025
Phone: 731-334-9772