Welcome to the first issue of The Journal – a periodic newsletter to help all of us to be aware of our trip on the Damascus road to change!

Update: Location – Facilities

We are currently meeting on Thursday evenings at 6 PM in the Fireside Room of First Baptist Church, but would consider other locations as offered.

Ministry facility:
After some extensive discussions and lots of prayer it has seemed to be in the best interest and stewardship of resources to consider all options about where to locate the housing and offices for Damascus. The old jail is not out of consideration, but there is a general impression that the Lord may have other location in mind. To that end we are exploring additional opportunities for a location that will meet the needs of the participants and goals of the ministry.

Organizational Items:
Recently we held a Saturday workshop to review and document the ‘nuts and bolts’ of operations. We discussed those items dealing with intake application, smoking policies, and our statement of faith. Future items to be reviewed and edited for the program will deal with Policies and Procedures and a Handbook of Rules.

We will be expanding the Thursday evening meeting at least once per month to deal with the additional editing.

Special thanks to Dominic Willis for speaking on several occasions to tell congregations about Damascus and asking for support for the ministry.

Special thanks to Bobby Lynn Sikes for his work on the Damascus website

Our graphics ‘gurus’ Clayton and Ken have given us a brochure that really tells the story.